Angie & Romeo special moment Oct 6, 2012I was riding down the trail the other day with friends on my beloved Romeo – you know the trusted steed!! Well, he was pretty excited about the prospect of being on the trail after enduring days of very cold weather. We went directly to our old ways, which is to push on one another and argue right away as I have certain expectations of him!!
Part of my journey is continually being able to look in the mirror and try to improve on things in myself that need to change in order to have a better relationship with Romeo. Of course, we are trying to change our old ways or our “old story”!! He was ready to “get into it” and I was reminded by a dear friend that part of what I am working on is to “hang up the phone” on the conversation that is not going anywhere and to try something different. So, Romeo wanted to go into the ditch and I was trying to impose my will and stop him from going in the ditch!!! Hmmm – so I let him, the snow in the ditch was past his knees. He then decided on his own that that was perhaps not the best decision. When he came out I praised the hair off of him. Good choice my friend! A couple more times in the ditch and a couple more good decisions on his part, with no interference from me. Praise when he chose to come out. At that point, our trail-ride turned into a wonderful experience for both of us. Continue reading

 As I was watching my four year old granddaughter the other day take her first solo ride on Romeo it occurred to me how in control she was and how free they both were.  Neither one of them had any worries about what COULD happen – they were in the moment together.

I stood back, watching in wonder and delight as they rode off as if one being – neither one trying to control the other, but going freely forward together.

I’ve thought a lot about the idea of “On the other side of fear is freedom”.  The idea that we can appear to be moving forward – however if we carry brace or resistance (fear), then we are stuck. Continue reading