Angie is the human behind Equine Enrichment. Her speciality is being able to sit with someone with love and compassion. Most of the time, Angie tries to be more horse-like. Meaning that she sees people for the beauty that is within and holds that vision until they can hold that for themselves. She doesn’t see people as broken, she sees them as whole and well. She says the best thing about her job is when a person starts to see themselves as her and the horses see them.



Honestly, I love chocolate. I’m pretty sure I could live on it, however I’m told that would not be a healthy choice!





I’m a rose quartz gal just like Fancy. My goal in each and every session that I coach is to provide love, safety and support. Rose Quartz the stone of love.





My granddaughter has nicknamed me “The Village Crazy Lady” from Moana! I am honoured to be coined that from my granddaughter. She explained that Moana’s grandma was wise and loving and saw in people their gifts when they didn’t see them.