Fancy is a Quarter Horse/Arabian and is 19 years old. She has been with Angie and Romeo for 7 years. Fancy is a beautiful grey horse although in the spring she loves to be brown! If there is mud this beauty will find it and roll around in it.




Fancy’s gift is showing people that they are worthy of love.  She is also a brilliant grief coach and shows up when people are grieving. She is quiet and has a nurturing energy about her. She will definitely show our clients what needs to happen and then support and love them through it.




Fancy came to us with a lot of worry and anxiety. She did most everything out of fear of not being a “good girl”. She understands anxiety and worry and knows what it’s like to hold onto it and “stuff” it down inside. She has worked really hard to build trust and now will express her feelings.





Fancy just loves to eat!! She likes carrots as a treat and doesn’t care for apples.





Rose quartz.  It is the stone of love and truly there is no better love than some Fancy love.  Unconditional love would describe this beautiful girl.





Fancy is the only girl horse on the property and the boys don’t mess with Miss Fancy.  She has also been called Fancy Pants and recently Fancy Underpants!