Jax is a border collie with we think some Australian shepherd in him. He is black and white with black spots on his sweet nose. He is a sweet boy that loves his bum scratched!  He will be the one greeting all visitors to the ranch as they get out of their vehicles.  He greets with a smile and a wag of his tail.

Jax will find and sit with the person in the most distress in group settings.  I brought him to my friends place a day after they had lost their son in a terrible accident.  Jax would not leave her side unless she sat down and then he would check on her husband.  This is what he did the entire day.



Jax isn’t much of an eater – in fact he lays in front of his bowl thinking Angie should hand feed him – she doesn’t!  He does however love horse and cow poo and farrier day is exciting for him as he gets the clippings to eat!




Carnelian – the stone of leadership & courage.  Jax embodies those two elements!



Jax came to us in 2012 from a friend of mine.  The story was that her daughter found him in a ditch in November freezing.  She brought him home in hopes of being able to keep him.  Last year the truth came out that in fact that story was not true.  Jax was the last of a litter and my friends daughter wanted him badly so she made the story up.  He now has no back story to get lots of love and hugs!