Opie is a purebred border collie. He came to me 3 years ago just before Christmas as a gift from my husband. He was 8 weeks old and was given to us because of what he would be doing as a job! Opie is black and white.


Opie has worked really hard to overcome his nervousness and now will only bark for a few moments. He is a kind, gentle soul who wants to be in contact all of the time once you are friends with him. The best way to win Opie’s heart and trust is not to make eye contact with him until he becomes brave enough to approach. Once trust has been established don’t be surprised if he thinks that kissing you in your mouth is absolutely OK.



ANYTHING!!! Including horse hoof and poo.



Tiger Iron which helps with confidence, willpower & balance. Opie is sometimes a bit of a shy, nervous guy so this stones helps him a lot!




In spite of Opie’s nervousness he emerged as a super-star agility dog! What motivated him was that if he did the obstacles, he could get to Angie quicker and nobody else would hold his leash!!