Romeo is an Appendix Quarter Horse and is 19 years old. He is a red dun colour with a black dorsal strip, black mane, black tail and black legs.  He is very unique in many ways.


Romeo’s specialty is helping young people.  He is calm and doesn’t get very worried about things, however if a young person isn’t standing in their power, he will push just a little to allow their power to shine out of them so they can see it.  He likes working with Angie in individual sessions, but doesn’t really like to work in an adult group setting.




He has had very little trauma in his life – other than having to teach Angie a lot of life lessons!  He has a huge heart and is very open with what he believes people need to learn about themselves.  He can also melt hearts and cause people to express their emotions very quickly.





Romeo LOVES licorice allsorts or the red licorice sticks!!





Romeo really likes Green Aventurine.  He is a heart healer so the Aventurine keeps him emotionally well.





Romeo was coined “The Crash Test Dummy” many years ago because if there was something to get into we could always be sure that Romeo would find it and get himself in some sort of trouble.





Do you recognize Romeo from somewhere? That’s because he is the inspiration for Equine Enrichment’s logo!