Trigger & Honey are a real little family. Trigger is a little palomino and Honey is dark brown. Trigger has only just been gelded. They are “Magical Unicorns”.




These little ones LOVES anything that they can put in their mouths!! They will eat whatever Romeo & Fancy have in their buckets, apples, carrots and anything else!





They really haven’t had much interaction with the gemstones as yet, but really love essential oils. We have a barn blend at the store that they enjoy. It puts them in a very calm place.




These two belong to Angie and Amy (of Heard Wellness) and honestly they each have the characteristics of each of us. Trigger is very much like Angie – a bit of a rebel and Honey is Amy in miniature horse form – always a very good girl and can be a little bit quiet.

They bring so much laughter and antics to the ranch. They work with Youth and adults that might have a bit of fear of the bigger horses. They are PURE JOY.