Angie created an incredibly safe, loving space for me to work on a very difficult part of my life.  I’m grateful for Angie’s ability to listen on a level so deep she was able to hear what I said, what I didn’t say and what I meant.  This allowed her to discover what I needed to hear from her that gave me the gift of profound healing.  She is loving, creative, supportive and brilliant as a coach.  I whole heartedly recommed Angie as a coach for anyone who needs a safe place to release pain, gain clarity and embrace a bright and shining future.

Jennifer Malocha, Bellevue, Washington


Angie truly has a gift for helping people who have experienced loss or who are preparing for the death of a loved one, human or animal. My family had the misfortune to lose both our equine companions within one year and Angie helped us tremendously during that difficult time.

Ash died at a young age unexpectedly despite extreme efforts in emergency care due to colic. There really wasn’t an adequate opportunity to grieve before leaving his body and this was a burden I carried for a long time. A chance moment on a trail ride showed me how heavy that burden was and Angie stepped up to help me work through unresolved feelings…fear, guilt, loss. Living life fully was much easier after that.

Caring for an elderly horse involves weighing the balance between life and suffering. In planning for Minx’s euthanasia I knew that our family needed to prepare for the loss to prevent the struggle I experienced after Ash’s death.

Angie facilitated an amazing ceremony where my three daughters said goodbye to their horse. They spoke of the joy she brought them and the life lessons they learned from her. Minx made it clear that she understood their gratitude and appreciated their expression of love. Everyone was left at complete peace with her death. Angie was present when the vet euthanized Minx and provided a pillar of support in those final moments. She was calm, loving and compassionate. She even contacted us periodically afterward to make sure we continued to be at peace with our loss.

To this day, my children still quote lessons learned from Angie during difficulties they experience in life. I have no doubt that her powerful ceremony instilled them with strong emotional skills to face all sorts of challenges that life will undoubtedly throw at them in the future.

 Shauna Craven, Olds, AB


Angie has such a kind non-judging way of teaching.  Instead saying of no don’t do it that way, she said try this.  It made everyone confident and ready to learn.  Each member got individual instruction and time. The kids got to work with the issues they were having with their horse (a metaphor for issues they may be having in life) like boundaries, etc.  It was a great day for all.  When I asked my daughter how she liked the clinic, her comment was it was the best we have had.

I was fortunate enough to have individual time at the instructors clinic the day before.  That day has changed my relationship with Zoey (my horse) and my herd.  I have enjoyed playing with what I have learned from Angie.  I can’t wait to have her back and learn more.  She is a true leader and an inspiration!” 

Chantel Schmidt Kingman, AB


“Approximately four months ago my daughter and I began horsemanship lessons with Angie. My daughter for fun and myself to help me fine tune my skills as an educator and K-9 trainer.

Angie has an incredible ability to not only teach with an upbeat fun attitude, but also has an uncanny connection and insight with her horses and clients. I always walked away from class feeling tranquil and calm. She has a great ability to quickly pick up on how the horse is communicating with the person they are working with. My communication and teaching skills have been taken to a new positive level. I am able to communicate clearer with my instructions and what I expect from my clients and employees. Not only that, but my training techniques have become even more finely tuned, enabling more of a connection with the animal I am working with.

Even watching Angie work with my daughter gave me such insight on how our energy means everything and how communication and boundaries are so important. My daughter has become much more able to feel OK with herself and I see a much more confident girl. She has learned to say no and to express herself in a positive forthcoming manner. She is no longer the shy girl who stays quiet and close to her mother, but feels good with herself therefore giving her the confidence to go and play or do other things.

I would highly recommend any classes/seminars that Angie and her four legged friends have to offer. Be prepared though to have a whole new positive world open up for you.”

Rhonda Labas, Calgary, AB


Angie, let me start by just saying THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

I am not much for words of this kind but I really need you to know just how amazing you are!

When I think of all that Angie has done for me it brings tears to my eyes & am so grateful what what she has done for me over the last year!

I was in a terrrible place back then, and was a little reluctant to go see Angie & the horses. I figured what the heck, nothing ventured nothing gained!!  Well it turns out, i gained more than i could have imagined. Angie helped me through probably the toughest part of my life. She taught me to believe in myself again & get back to being the person I really am. It was not an easy road to go down but I now know that my future will be so much bettter and brighter because of the work Angie has done with me.   I feel like she have given me my life back that was in some ways stolen from me, and i didnt even know it! This experience has given me a whole new outlook on life, helped me to understand myself better, and what I want out of life.   Also because of this I have now met the most incredible lady that I probably would not have been able to truly and openly give myself too had I not done the work we have done together. I now feel like anything is possible & can’t wait to see the future unfold!

Thank you again & I look forward to still seeing you in the future. You are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!

CM, Calgary, AB